Women of HealthMary: Dr Yvonne Abimbola

She advocates for a holistic approach, helping her clients with their skin problems while supporting healthy self-image. This deeply resonates with us! She is a strong supporter of women’s health, offering authentic and clear health and wellness solutions to women. Her substantial Instagram following (@dr.eve.skin) and the outstanding reviews from her clients speak volumes about her impact! We are extremely proud to have her as part of HealthMary!

Dr Abimbola is dedicated to empowering women to lead fulfilling lives with confidence and genuineness!

With her expertise in medicine and holistic patient/client care philosophy, she is an incredible compliment to HealthMary’s panel of specialists. They are the Women of HealthMary, and their combined strength is set to make a significant impact for the greater good.

We are thrilled that our app users can now benefit from her expertise!

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