Women of HealthMary: Francoise De Smet

She is a strong powerful woman, a Mum and an absolute devotee to her mission to bring health and wellness to all women. That is why HealthMary is beyond proud that Francoise is part of our journey!

Francoise started in the Health and Fitness industry in 1999 and is a Level 4 Personal Trainer. She is qualified to accept GP referrals and is highly experienced at working with pre- and postnatal women. She is also qualified in NLP and Sports Massage Therapy. Her passion for helping others improve their lives and achieve balance in every aspect of health is both obvious and infectious, so she’s perfectly aligned with HealthMary’s mission.

Like so many of our practitioners and users, Francoise understands how precious time is and how good health underpins everything. She is committed to helping other women get healthy and stay that way. Find her on your HealthMary app! You will be glad you did!

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