Women of HealthMary – Claire Thomas

Claire assists her clients in achieving their life goals through personalized nutrition and transformative lifestyle changes. Like our other practitioners at HealthMary, she caters to individuals of all ages, life stages, and income levels.

Women of HealthMary: Dr Yvonne Abimbola

Dr Yvonne Abimbola is a highly experienced GP whose passion for all things dermatology, beauty and skincare led her to opening her own medical aesthetics clinic based in London where she showcases her wealth of experience and commitment to excellent patient and client care.

She advocates for a holistic approach, helping her clients with their skin problems while supporting healthy self-image. This deeply resonates with us! She is a strong supporter of women’s health, offering authentic and clear health and wellness solutions to women

Women of HealthMary: Francoise De Smet

She is a strong powerful woman, a Mum and an absolute devotee to her mission to bring health and wellness to all women. That is why HealthMary is beyond proud that Francoise is part of our journey! Francoise started in the Health and Fitness industry in 1999 and is a Level 4 Personal Trainer. She […]